Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Who We Are
Forge Hill Logging offers the rural residents and property owners of western Franklin County, Massachusetts a complete array of services for maximizing the agricultural, recreational and visual value of their land. Throughout the seasons, from plowing snow off drives and pathways, to seeding and planting fields, to mowing and haying pastures, Forge Hill Logging can meet your requirements, keeping your land in beautiful and productive condition.

Our Core Work
Fully-licensed and fully-insured, Forge Hill Logging works with you to maximize both the beauty and the value of your fields, forests and woodlands. We can harvest valuable timber in accordance with your own state or federal forest management plan; maintain open spaces for valuable pasture and haying needs, and work to preserve valley and ridge views. Harvested timber can be sold as timber and provide firewood, maximizing the value of your forest assets - while protecting the beauty and environmental sustainability of your woodlands. Closer to home, we can care for your lawns and garden areas throughout the seasons - and watch your house when you're not in residence. 

Peace of Mind
While our main work lies in the ongoing and necessary logging of woodlands, Forge Hill Logging recognizes that our long-term clients (often seasonal or second-home owners) also require the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our team will vigilantly watch your residence and lands when they’re away – we can coordinate necessary maintenance and even emergency work on your house in your absence. Property owners can rest assured that their land is being maintained in every season – that drives are plowed, fields mowed, lawns maintained, and all manner of problems identified and resolved. Forge Hill Logging will quickly become familiar with the working systems of your house and in your absence, see that plumbing, electrical and HVAC crises are quickly addressed and remedied.

Forge Hill Logging has deep roots in Hawley, Massachusetts – our roots in the town have been growing for well over 250 years! We love the land and the bountiful life it supports – we know these lands like the back of our hands. You can be certain that in our hands, your woods and fields are in the very best hands! Give us a call and let’s talk about your needs, hopes and dreams for your rural property.

Contact us:
Wayne Clark and Bryan Clark, at
email: forgehilllogging@gmail.com